Yoga Positions

Yoga positions clearly shown in the most popular DVD available by expert, Rodney Yee. He introduces you to yoga positions and poses in a pleasing, soothing format.

A.M. Yoga Positions for Beginners

yoga positions "This 20-minute yoga positions practice with supple instructor Rodney Yee is the perfect way to start your day by energizing your body and calming your mind. Filmed on the beach at Maui at sunrise, the video starts with a 4-minute Conscious Relaxation focusing on breathing, then glides into a 14-minute series of yoga poses that are simultaneously relaxing and energizing.

Yee's instructions are both detailed and gentle. Beautifully filmed: you watch the waves roll in as Yee demonstrates yoga positions on a sandy beach. The yoga practice awakens and stretches your muscles gently, leaving you balanced and focused. A few minutes of yoga positions in the morning will help give meaning to your day." -- Joan Price, Amazon

P.M. Yoga Positions for Beginners

This 20-minute program is designed to balance, calm, and revitalize you at the end of the day with yoga positions. It starts with centering poses: gentle stretches bringing awareness and quiet to your senses. Next are standing yoga positions to release tension, increase circulation, expand the lungs, and help you breathe more deeply. Next, forward bends cool the body and bring quiet to the nervous system.

Walden tells you not only how to do the yoga positions, but what you should feel, and how to quiet your body and your mind. Instruction is soothing and explicit. Modifications of yoga positions are given for the less flexible novice, so if any pose causes discomfort or seems impossible, don't push beyond your level. -- Joan Price, Amazon

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