Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses, 608 Asanas by Dharma Mittra

608 black-and-white photographs accompanied by the English name of the yoga poses and the Sanskrit characters.

30 Essential Yoga Poses by Judith, Ph.D. Lasater

Offers a quintessential guide to Iyengar yoga poses, which uses props and emphasizes precision and alignment in yoga poses. She includes material aimed at those who teach beginners, since teachers are students of whatever field they teach.

Essential Yoga: An Illustrated Guide to Over 100 Yoga Poses and Meditations by Olivia H. Miller

One of the simplest yet most comprehensive yoga poses books to be published in recent memory, Miller's work could become a classic. .

Ashtanga - An Active Practice, Introductory Yoga Poses

Instead of picking the "time crunched yoga workout" Yoga Journal's Ashtanga Yoga presents a straightforward, old-fashioned set of beginner asanas (yoga poses) in the rigorous Ashtanga method.

Yoga Journal: Yoga Step by Step, Session 2 - Bending & Twisting Poses for Flexibility

The session begins with 35 minutes of step-by-step instruction from acclaimed yoga teacher Natasha Rizopoulos. She then leads you through a vigorous 20-minute vinyasa flow of yoga poses that incorporates what you've learned into a workout that builds both strength and stamina.

Yoga For Wimps: Yoga Poses for The Flexibly Impaired
by Miriam Austin

Instant yoga poses gets you going immediately with 15 practice sessions for any time of the day, even when there's only a few minutes to spare. Run through a sequence and the workout's over! FixIts offer solutions to specific problems, such as a sore neck, back pain, those aching feet, or stress.

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