Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga instructions, exercises and massage videos. Relax at home with someone you love. For anyone interested in improving intimacy and developing body, mind and consciousness through tantric yoga.

Tantric Love : A Nine Step Guide to Transforming Lovers into Soul Mates by Ma Ananda Sarita, Swami Anand Geho

Tantric yoga can help you dissolve barriers to intimacy, and invites you to awaken the physical and spiritual energy that can bring partners together as loving soul mates. Tantric yoga unlocks the secret powers of meditation, breathing, massage, and more to help you celebrate and revitalize your love life.

Tantric Massage Video by Kenneth Ray Stubbs

tantric yogaThis video shows the grace, the flow, and the dance of sensual, tantric yoga massage. In easy-to-learn strokes, you and your partner can bring together the intimate, the erotic, and the spiritual. Related to tantric yoga.

Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving by Charles Muir, Caroline Muir

This classic familiarizes readers with physical, spiritual, and emotional methods of achieving ecstasy in love. Develop a healthy, nurturing relationship. This book teaches a small portion of what Tantric yoga is.

Tantra Tai Chi for Couples Video Tape

This video is for couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and emotional closeness. The joyous exercises are designed as a practice for sacred sex and can easily be performed and enjoyed by couples of all ages. Related to tantric yoga.

tantric yoga 

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