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Ashtanga Yoga Video with Richard Freeman 

With this videotape Richard shows you the Ashtangas classic postures - a continuous, dynamic flow of unusual precision, and the specific breathing techniques that go with this form. Exceptionally filmed demonstrations teach over 60 postures to help you awaken your nervous system to its natural state of vitality. This tape is a high quality production designed to be used by students at all levels of experience.

Reviewer from Rutland, VT:

"I'd like to recommend this videotape to everyone who's interested in realYoga -- not simply some cool postures for self-entertainment. Richard is elegant in teaching and every minute in this video is worthwhile -- no show-offs and gimmicks. He adopts simple background and gives clear explanation, and the simplicity amounts a kind of elegance that makes other yoga videos that I have appear to be a little bit too commercialized. Just by listening to his explanation and watching him doing the postures, I gained a deeper understanding of Ashtangas. I learned the essence of breathing from the first 15 minutes of his video which I had tried but failed to get for many years. For short, Richard teaches REAL thing in this video in a efficient and elegant way."

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The Advanced Series
David Swenson, David Williams, Helena Berg, Lucy Martorella and Robert Boustany perform the Advanced "A" and "B" series. This may be the only record of these series available to the general audience; advanced "A" and "B" are no longer taught; they have been broken down into series 3 through 6. In all probability, within a generation the details of these series would have been lost. As a record alone this video is invaluable. The production values are very high, image and sound excellent. Mr. Swenson narrates the video giving the names and historical details of the postures. If you are interested in Ashtange this tape is worth ten times the price. More details

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